Monday, April 20, 2015

#MotivateME Monday Week 4/5 of Spartan Training and a Cake Pop

Oh Mondays.  This morning I woke up ready to take on the week but monday had other plans. My breakfast spilled all over my bag and my perfectly scheduled tutoring got all messed up..which I only realized half way to tutoring. Bright side: I had time to write this post while waiting for a drive home...There may have been Starbucks involved.

Now it is time for the #MotivateME link up powered by Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel

A weekly linkup on Mondays for you to share your weekly fitness plans and meal plans #MotivateMe

From two weeks ago I got most of my planned workouts done (week 3 was hard!!) and it was a crazy tutoring I was exhausted. Like almost in tears at the gym on Friday night exhausted.  Luckily last week was short a short work week and I feel back on track now (minus the annoyances today). I'm still following this workout, and trying to, in general, do them in order. 

2 weeks ago:
Monday: wk 2 w4 Complete!
Tuesday: 30 min walk- Rest day due to work stuff
Wednesday: wk3w1- Walk
Thursday: 30 min walk - strength training (wk3w1)
Friday: wk3w2-yes but I did skip the burpees at the end
Saturday: Run 6 miles with circuit every mile (modified wk3w3). I ran 6 miles in gorgeous weather but didn't do full circuits.
Sunday: Density Training (wk3w4)-nope needed a break. 

First Outdoor Run of 2015!
Last week:
Monday: planned to do wk3w4 instead I worked on wedding invites...all evening.
Tuesday: 30 min walk between tutoring
Wednesday: A bad version of wk3w4. I totally phoned it in but at least I tried. 
Thursday: Citychase Crash Course-I counted this as wk4w3. 1 hr ish of sprinting.  Felt pretty good after!
Friday: wk4w1 + 30 burpees
Saturday: lots of walking at my cousins dance show
Sunday: wk4w4 once again not a very good job at this but at least it is done.

This week my goal is to get caught up on Spartan race training. I'm getting kind of nervous about the weight/upper body stuff for Spartan Race. If you cant do an obstacle you have to do 30 burpees so I'm just going to practice all the burpees (and tutor, and do wedding stuff, and have a clean house, and have home cooked meals, oh and a 8-5 job too...I need a time turner!)

Monday: wk4w2, I guess if I'm not tutoring I might as well go to the gym!
Tuesday: Rest day and Maybe some burpees
Wednesday: Walk
Thursday: semi rest (I TTC so I always get some walking)
Friday wk5w1/w2
Saturday wk5w3
Sunday wk5w4

Lessons learned: always have my gym stuff with me for last minute change of plans! I could have gone to the gym while waiting for a drive home instead of eating a cake pop.

There was once a cake pop here. 

Editor's note: Kaylee finished writing this post in her gym clothes while waiting to go to the gym with Mike. Whether or not she actually went to the gym was never confirmed...or at least not known until the next blog post. 

Kaylee's note: the Cake pop was delicious. 


  1. Looks like your training is going very well! Good luck on the Spartan Race! I did a similar one last year called Mudd Sweat and Tears! It was a great challenge! I think I could have trained more for it!

    1. I have done Mud Hero before and that was a blast. I'm doing Spartan Super so it is 13 km with 20+ obstacles. I figure I won't be able to do at least 5 so I'm prepping for 150+ burpees...yuck!

  2. Those burpees will come in handy for the Spartan race, I figure.

    1. Spoiler alert...I went to the gym and did 120 burpees tonight. I figure I may as well get really good at them for Spartan!

  3. Awesome job, keep up the great training. Thanks for linking up, have a fantastic week!

  4. Ugh burpees are the worst! This is probably why I don't want to do a spartan ha ha!