Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Triathlon Training Tidbit

I’m on Week 4 of the training plan!!

Recap Time:
Saturday- See last Blog Post
Sunday- 10 km Bike IN THE RAIN
Monday- Rest day and Toronto Flooded (We are ok, my building was ok, my work was ok)
Tuesday-300m Swim AM, 20 min run+ Body Pump PM, 30 min walk after the gym
Wednesday- 10 km Bike IN THE WIND
Today- Attempted to Swim in the AM, pool was closed for maintenance. In the PM I went and got my Hair did, and then came back to the apartment and did a 25 min run and 30 mins of strength training. And I ruined my hair.

Before Hair Cut

After Hair Cut (Before Gym)
Two realizations

1. Back when I was trying to lose a little weight it was my goal to work out 5 days a week. I think I actually met that goal maybe far with this plan I have been working out 5/6 days a week and not even realizing it. Yay!!

2. I think I could do a try-a-tri right now (375 m swim, 10 km bike ride, 2.5 km run). I am going to test this theory on Sunday with my own try-a-tri (including biking/running in wet gear to get used to the idea).

Food stuff:
Since I am working my butt off, I have decided to also watch what I eat in order to maybe lose a few pounds..nothing major, I still want to fuel my body for training!

Both Mike and I (and apparently 90% of our friends) are using myfitness pal to track calories. My first week I was way over (it included Canada Day weekend), but the past two weeks I have been doing really well. The days I don’t exercise I have a really hard time keeping it in my limit, but the days I do exercise (Tuesday’s and Friday’s especially) I can pretty much eat what I want. Keep in mind when I say I eat what I want I mean healthy food with a treat or two, not a big mac and fries..nom nom.

My food for the day looks generally looks like this:
Bottom right  (Clockwise): Breakfast- Eggs and Swiss Chard, Lunch- Chickpeas, Brown Rice , Zucchini and Garlic Scapes, Snacks: Cucumbers, Almonds, Yogurt, Carrots and Hummus
Not pictured glass of Milk in the AM, Fruit and obviously supper which is normally some sort of protein and veggies. Drinking milk in the morning is a new thing, but I realized I was really low on Calcium and was getting sick of drinking water. Double win.

This all being said, on evenings where I do come home after working out (like Tuesday for example) I am so HANGRY (Angry because I am so hungry..grrr). And I still am craving junkfood a little...but this poster in my gym made me laugh..

Thanks gym for praying on me at my weakest moment..but no I didn't go get anything from the vending machine :P. 

Time to head to bed..Hot Yoga in the AM!

Anyone have any healthy snack ideas? Anyone else get a hair cut/style only to go ruin it :)?


  1. Your hair looks good!! One of my fave healthy snacks is a granny smith apple dipped in peanut butter.

    1. Thanks Janelle! Apple and PB definitely a fav!