Monday, January 16, 2012

Mo Sugar Mo Problems

So week 2 of the paleoesque diet is finished. Here is the break down. Not only did I not eat dairy/wheat/starch/caffeine for the work week, I also barely had any meat. Whoa. My meals consisted of   kale and while bean soup, spicy green beans with tofu, an giant veggie omelet, and one meal had chicken with broccoli and salad. Not too bad!

As I mentioned before I made work a no junk zone and that worked again this week. On Friday I had a diet coke though, cheated a little with that. On the weekend I didn't splurge too much, but I didn't stick to the low sugar diet either. I had some sushi with edemame on Friday night (and a delicious cheap glass of wine), on Saturday I had some popcorn and a apple crumble "dessert" (it was a microwaved apple with oatmeal and honey). On Sunday I had a waffle, which didn't have as much sugar in the recipe as I was expecting. I made up for it by using maple syrup. 

Tonight I ate my cabbage rolls and they were delicious! Totally worth the effort, and now I have leftovers for ever!! (All recipes are on my Nom's page!)
Mmmmmm cabbage

I really like this eating really well during the work week, and homemade meals on the weekend, so I can actually enjoy the treats (aka sushi, waffles) and not feel too guilty! 

Also to help me not feel guilty...I did AWESOME with the gym/exercise this past week. I did Zumba, Body Pump, Walking/Body Flow, Body Jam+Abs+Power Walking and then Skating/Walking on Sunday! Definitely got my 150 minutes this week! The cool thing is now that I have been going to the same classes with the same instructors I am starting to get to know them, and they notice if I miss a class. Totally makes me accountable for going to the gym!

I have now started week 3 and now I get to eat cheese again! Oh happy day. I didn't notice any stomach issues since starting to eat cheese so I am sure I not intolerant or anything. That is the whole point of cutting out stuff for the first 2 weeks, is to see if you are allergic or sensitive to anything.  So far dairy and I can be besties again :)!

Also, I am still hovering around last week's weight, so 5 pounds in 2 weeks is very good! I just hope I keep seeing results like that! 

Anyone else loving the gym lately? Anyone else have a crazy crush on cheese?? 

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