Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Post in a New City

Hiya from Toronto!

We (Mike, Mr. Moseby Wiskers, and the U-Haul) arrived in Toronto late Saturday evening. After a 16 hour drive, for the second time in less than 2 months, we made it here in one piece. I started my new job on Monday. It is a pretty sweet job, but it is really specific, and not easy to explain. Basically I work for the secret service. Jokes! What I am actually doing is cool to me, but probably boring to everyone else!

Toronto on the other hand is super cool but I haven't had that much time to enjoy the city. Sunday was a sleep in day, and hanging out with my family, since we are staying at my Uncle's house until we find an apartment. We had a nice BBQ outside on Sunday evening and there wasn't even SMOG! The weather has been fantab!

Then on Monday I started working, and Monday night we went to view some apartments in North York (by Mike's school) with our Realtor, yes I said Realtor. In TO the real estate market is so crazy fast you need a Realtor to handle making the arrangements to view apartments and whatnot. It is also free or almost free for the renters, the landlord pays the fees.

Anyhoo, we didn't really see any nice ones Monday, so our Realtor convinced us that we should live downtown, because the apartments are so new, and there is so much to do, and the commute would be about the same for Mike and less for me! So last night we went and saw a billion units, and we made an offer on one of them! (More on that later).

It hasn't really hit me that we have moved to Toronto, but I don't think it really will. I think I am just going to get used to my new life here! I am super pumped to get an apartment, and get all settled. The past 2 months have been super chaotic and has involved a lot of packing and living out of suitcases. It will be nice to just get into normal life mode again!

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